Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Princess and Her Prince

Got home from church last night and Katie put on a puppet show. I was really impressed. She had theatre seating arranged, a puppet stage, and three paper sack puppets to entertain the whole family. I gave it two thumbs up. She told us the story about when the princess was being chased by this big bad ugly monster. I could tell it was a princess by the crown on her head. Usually when the kids show me a picture they've created, I have to work at, usually followed by “oh …of course that’s what that is.” But not this time. The princess being chased by the monster screams for her prince and sure enough he comes to her rescue. The prince stabs the monster with his sword and afterwards he gets the princess, they kiss, and they live happily ever after. Not bad for a 9 year old.

I loved it because it showed me that Katie knew what a prince looked like and what a prince did. The prince in her mind is the brave one, the courageous one. He is both the protector and the rescuer. He saves the day by being committed to the princess and by standing up for his bride. That is the kind of prince that she herself would feel safe with. That is the kind of prince I am praying for in her life. That is the kind of prince I want to be.


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