Sunday, March 18, 2007

Man Pics

I love my son Drew and I love teaching him about what it means to be a Christian man. God has given the grace to me to love those two things more than my job at being a pastor. I also love it when Drew gets his hands on a camera. Drew is a beast when it comes to games and cameras. Its like seeing the world through his eyes. Who wouldn't want to go back and live those younger years when all you cared about was taking pictures of your foot. I don't know what Drew will do for a living when he grows up, but if he loves the Lord his God with all his heart and he grows up "to be the man," I don't care about the rest. There is nothing more I need him to do or be.


  • Hey guys, haven't seen any posts in a while. I just tried to email Tiffany but it bounced back. How are yah?

    By Blogger Sanders, at 11:33 PM  

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